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Pure Joy Special Needs Ministry

Pure Joy Ministry - (Ages 3 -17)

Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment in which children will learn about God and His love for them. We provide two designated sensory spaces to help meet the needs of each child.

The Pure Joy Ministry was created on 4 core beliefs

  1. We believe that children are created by a loving God, designed for a purpose.
  2. We believe that each child is unique in his or her own gifts, thoughts, blessings, talents and contributions.
  3. We have a desire for every child to know and receive God’s love in their own unique way.
  4. We believe there are no disabled souls.
Child with Special Needs


In order to better serve the children who participate in our Pure Joy Ministry, we ask that parents and guardians fill out the following questionnaire before introducing a child to a Pure Joy class room.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are looking to serve in the Pure Joy Ministry, please visit:


The Pure Joy Ministries is available to all parents during all regularly scheduled weekend services.

Saturday’s 4:30 PM & 6 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM & 11 AM